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A New Way of Landscaping

I’m not a big fan of yard work, and I was tired of dealing with the grass in my front and back yard.  In the high desert, lawn care takes extra work, and it was something that I unfortunately didn’t have the time for.  The grass in my front yard was all dried up and dead, and my back yard was full of weeds.  It was time for a change.

Having a Rock Lawn Installed

 Rock LawnI called a local landscaping contractor with the idea of having rock lawns installed in the front and the back, and they assured me that this was probably the best option, particularly for someone who didn’t have a whole lot of time for lawn care.

Now, I had seen some contractors on the news who had installed rock lawns improperly, which led to a bunch of weeds popping up in their customers’ yards.  I made sure to even bring this up to the contractor I spoke to, and they assured me that I wouldn’t have any problems.

I Didn’t Just Take Their Word For It

Before putting any ink to paper, I made sure that the guys I was offering my business to already had satisfied customers.  The beauty of the internet is that all the consumer information we need is right there at our fingertips.  It’s safe to say that, in many circumstances, customers who get burned are at least partially at fault for failing to do their research.  I intended on being completely certain that I was not one of those customers.  I advise anyone looking to get this sort of work done to do the same.

Saving Money

Because I did what I needed to do in order to protect myself, I’m more than happy with the results I’ve received.  In the first year, I saved a heck of a lot of money on my water bill by not trying to water a lawn that was just going to dry out and die on me anyway.  I never have to mow, and aside from occasionally making sure that the gravel doesn’t get scattered outside of my lawn, I really don’t have to do any yard work.

Sure, one of the nice things about owning a home can be having a nice yard, but if you find the right landscaping contractor, a rock lawn can both be beautiful and easy to maintain.