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Getting My House Painted Quickly and Affordably

house paintingThe exterior of our home has looked pretty bad for some time now. My wife has been asking me to get out there and repaint it for months, but I really haven’t had the time to put the work in.  I work a lot of hours, and sometimes I just don’t quite have the energy to do a lot of things around the house that need to get done. I spoke to a contractor friend of mine who happens to be a Dallas family law attorney and he had this to say “Cindy, I doubt you could match the results a paid professional painter would deliver.”

So, I hired a contractor to do the paint job for me, and it actually turned out really well.  Sure, my wife has been jokingly poking fun at me for hiring someone else to do a job that the man of the house should be able to handle, but it’s all in good fun, and she’s really happy that the work got done and that it is high quality.

Why Hire a Contractor?

In this case, it was mostly about the time that it would take to get the job done right.  I work over forty hours per week, and being out there every weekend for a month wasn’t all that appealing to me.  We have a pretty big house, so it likely would have taken that long if it were me doing it all alone.

It was mainly a matter of convenience.  There are plenty of jobs that don’t require nearly the amount of labor as painting my house did, and I never have any problem with those, but this was a much bigger project, and I wanted it to get done as quickly as possible and with few headaches.  Hiring a contractor allowed that to happen.

The Results

My house now has fresh paint on it (it’s a light-tan color), and it looks a hundred times better than it did.  In fact, it’s the best looking house on our block now.  The painters got the job done in a couple of days, and the price wasn’t nearly as high as I had originally expected before shopping the job around.

I suppose I could have made my teenage son wake up early on Saturdays and Sundays and go out there and help me paint the house for a couple of weekends, but that in itself sounds like a hassle I’d rather not deal with.  Instead, contracting the job out rendered really good results, and, being that I am happy with the work they did, I would call the same contractor for similar work in the future.